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Resurrecting Almost Heaven

      My vision for resurrecting West Virginia is based on a sustainable economy that provides equity for all people and is ecologically sound. A sustainable economy must provide lasting security for generations to come. This economy must include all West Virginians and treat each of us as part of one extended family. A truly integrated economy honors and preserves the gifts that our precious home provides - clean water, verdant forests, clean air and beautiful mountains.

      Each of the following proposals contains the seeds of an economy that will endure, is equitable for all and is ecologically sound. Planted together, these proposals can create an abundant garden that will enhance the lives of all West Virginians.

  1. As governor I will work hand in hand with the Federal Government to leverage funds to assist any West Virginia citizen or community in need. Specifically, I would embrace the funds made available to the Appalachian states by the Clean Power Plan in order to rebuild our communities that are suffering from the loss of jobs in the coal industry and related fields.

    • We will provide jobs for people to weatherize and repair their homes and those of their neighbors. They will be paid $15 an hour and materials will be provided. This addresses the efficiency portion of the Clean Power Plan, as well as provides jobs.
    • We will invest in our technical colleges such as the New River Technical Community College campus at Ghent so they can provide training in the different aspects of the solar industry. These will include assembling solar panels, the installation of solar panels and electrical & plumbing trainig for solar hot water installations.
    • We will reclaim Mountaintop Removal sites by providing jobs to build solar farms on these sites.

  2. We will work for the legalization and decriminalization of industrial hemp to allow all West Virginia farmers to grow hemp as a cash crop.

    • Hemp is a crop that uses less chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
    • Hemp can be used for its fiber (i.e. rope, paper, textiles for clothing, shoes, canvass and hempcrete building products); as well as the use of seeds for oil & recyclable plastics.
    • Hemp was encouraged by the federal government for the war economy in World War II and has proved to be a viable product in the past.
    • Hemp can be a part of revitalizing our industrial base by processing and manufacturing hemp products right here in West Virginia.

  3. We will work for the legalization and decriminalization of medical and recreational Cannabis.

    • Medical Cannabis is used for many things including helping people with pain mitigation, chronic nervous system disorders, epilepsy, seizures, glaucoma, HIV and AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, muscle spasticity, nausea and opioid addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD.
    • Sales of Medical and Recreational Cannabis are estimated to be a billion dollar industry in Colorado and are expected to generate $143.5 million in state tax revenues this year. This is a real jobs program!
    • Colorado’s tourism and housing industries are experiencing an expansion since Cannabis has become legal.
    • This initiative is designed to empower small businesses (for example growers, retail outlets and value added product producers) and encourage entrepreneurship.
    • Decriminalization of Cannabis would save millions of dollars spent on arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people for non-violent crimes.
    • As governor, I will pardon all people incarcerated for non-violent crimes involving Cannabis.

  4. We will implement our West Virginia Farmers First initiative as an integral part of revitalizing our agricultural economy.

    • I support small family farms as the foundation of our agricultural future.
    • As governor I will work with the Commissioner of Agriculture to develop the resources that support locally grown organic foods and see that they get to West Virginia markets.
    • As governor I will direct our Department of Education to use West Virginia sources of locally grown organic food for school lunches first.
    • I will ask that projects like gardens and hoop-houses at our schools be implemented to educate our future small farmers and to provide fresh produce for our school cafeterias.
    • As governor I will direct the purchasing offices of all West Virginia institutions receiving West Virginia tax dollars to use locally grown organic foods first rather than using out-of-state pre-packaged food vendors.
    • I will encourage the Commissioner of Agriculture to work with me in supporting the many non-profit organizations that train and support locally grown food initiatives. One example of this is the good work of “Grow Appalachia” managed out of Berea College in Kentucky. Grow Appalachia supplies grants to local non-profits which provide training, seeds, soil supplements and tools to small farmers and family gardeners. Many of these grants are currently going to West Virginia non-profit organizations.
    • West Virginians have a long tradition of small farming and we need to draw from our history as we move into the future.

  5. We need to keep West Virginia dollars recirculating within our state and insure that West Virginia workers have input on their job security, wages, benefits and safety.

    • I support reinstating the “prevailing wage”, stipulating that all state contracts are awarded to West Virginia businesses, and that those businesses hire West Virginians to do the work contracted.
    • I will work to repeal the so-called “right to work” legislation that discourages collective bargaining within our state.
    • I will insist that any corporation receiving tax incentives from West Virginia taxpayer dollars must employ West Virginians with full benefits and pay at least a $15 minimum wage.

  6. As governor I will support the many small tourism related West Virginia owned businesses throughout our state.

    • I will direct the Economic Development Office to use available money to support West Virginia small tourism businesses.
    • I enthusiastically support the Tamarack concept of showcasing West Virginia crafts persons and artists. I will work to expand this model throughout our state.
    • I recognize that tourism requires that we preserve our environment. I pledge to do everything within my power to ensure the sanctity and beauty of West Virginia.
    • I will direct the Economic Development Office to use available money to support West Virginia small tourism businesses.

  7. Reliable broadband internet access to all West Virginians is essential to our economic development.

    • This would not only encourage businesses to move to West Virginia, but also encourage our young people to stay in our state and start small businesses.
    • I support the concept of opening up competition by developing the “middle mile” concept of a state-owned fiber optic network that local communities and businesses could access to provide broadband to all West Virginians.
    • Broadband access can connect our citizens to the marketplace of the world. People can work from their homes, farmers can market their products and small businesses can be empowered.
    • Reliable broadband access will open up educational opportunities for all West Virginians, from college courses online to enhancing elementary and high school educational opportunities within our state.

  8. As governor, I will work closely with the State Auditor to eliminate waste in every state office in order to balance our state budget and closely examine the excessive out of state contracting.

  9. I will support the West Virginia Department of Environental Protection in their efforts to enforce all state and federal environmental laws, chiefly by ensuring the department has adequate funding to hire and train competent inspectors.

    • The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Director serves at the will and pleasure of the governor.
    • As governor, I stand for a ban on Mountaintop Removal.
    • As governor, I support a ban on hydro-fracking in our state as other states such as New York and Maryland and other countries (France, Germany, and more) have due to hazardous contamination of our drinking water sources, as well as the dangerous disposal of radioactive and other hazardous wastes resulting from this practice.

      All of these proposals incorporate my vision for a West Virginia future based on a sustainable economy that provides equity for all people and is ecologically sound. If we all stand together to uphold this vision, we will truly resurrect Almost Heaven - West Virginia.

charlotte pritt for wv governor                       charlotte pritt for wv governor

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