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           charlotte pritt for wv governor charlotte pritt for wv governor

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Meet Charlotte

      Charlotte knows first-hand that determination and character are the foundation for West Virginia’s working families. The daughter of a retired coal miner, Charlotte worked her way through Marshall University in Huntington to earn both undergraduate and Master’s degrees in English.

      She began her career as a high school English teacher in the Kanawha County school system and later joined the administration as Director of Communications. In 1980, the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies hired her as the Director of the West Virginia Writing Project, a program that trained teachers how to teach writing. Through these experiences she became aware of a pressing problem in West Virginia: children were too hungry to learn. Charlotte believed that child poverty was unacceptable in a country and state so richly blessed with resources. That’s how her political career began.

      In 1984, she was elected to the first of two terms in the House of Delegates and was appointed to the powerful finance committee her freshman year. One term in the state Senate followed from 1988-1992.

      Her tenure in the legislature earned her the reputation as a defender of the people. She was named Outstanding Legislator of the Year for her diligence on issues that helped consumers, small businesses, the environment, women and children. In 1988, she was named Legislator of the Year by the West Virginia Perinatal Association for support and cooperation in helping achieve a healthy next generation; the “Si Galperin Award” for her outstanding record on behalf of consumers, the environment and good government.

      In 1992, she received the state Susan B. Anthony Award for her work on behalf of women and children; was named Outstanding Legislator by the Council of Senior Citizens for work on behalf of the elderly; was named the Outstanding Woman in Government by the West Virginia Women’s Commission; and in 1993, she was given the National Council of Jewish Women Award for her work on behalf of Human Rights. In 1994, she was awarded the Mother Jones Award on behalf of good government and election reform; and the Charleston Area Professional and Business Woman’s Club, Woman of the Year Award.

      She led the fight for the Community Reinvestment Act, voted against both the food and gas taxes and worked with Governors Moore and Caperton to help pass business development packages. Charlotte also led the fight to prevent the out of state corporations from dumping toxic waste in West Virginia.

      Charlotte’s loyalty to the people of West Virginia inspired citizens from various parts of the state to draft her to run in the Democratic primary in 1992. Following an intense ten week campaign that drew national attention, Charlotte came within a few percentage points of defeating the incumbent governor.

      In 1996, Charlotte won the Democratic primary defeating US Senator Joe Manchin and making West Virginia history by becoming the first female in the state to be elected to represent one of the major parties.

      Since running for governor, Charlotte has held executive positions in areas that are of the utmost importance to the lives of West Virginians: Education, Health and Wellness, Stress Management Financial Security, and Strategic Planning for local communities and companies.

      Now in 2016, citizens have once again drafted Charlotte Pritt to run for Governor of West Virginia. Because Charlotte has a proven people-centered voting record for the 8 years she served in the West Virginia Legislature, she is an experienced and known ally of All West Virginians not an elite few.

      As a hands on leader who believes in community input and bottom up problem solving, Charlotte knows that it takes all of us to move the state forward. When we needed Charlotte, she was on our side. Now she needs us. She asks us to stand with her as she works to solve the challenges confronting West Virginia.

charlotte pritt for wv governor                       charlotte pritt for wv governor

Make checks payable to: Pritt for Governor and mail to: Pritt for Governor, P.O. Box 108, Ripley, WV 25271

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