charlotte pritt for wv governor
           charlotte pritt for wv governor charlotte pritt for wv governor

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Charlotte Pritt - Putting People First

"I am running for governor of West Virginia because the people are searching for a leader with a proven people-centered voting record. Citizens want to know that the voices of all West Virginians will be heard, not just the elite few. I am a firm believer that West Virginians are a hardy group with amazing resilience. I have faith that together, as family and community, we can meet the challenges ahead. I ask you to join me now as you have in the past to create the change we need." - Charlotte Pritt

charlotte pritt for wv governor                       charlotte pritt for wv governor

WVPBS Gubernatorial Forum - A Viewpoint special

      Too many people are in crisis in our state. Many West Virginia families are struggling with poverty and critical health problems. Extractive fossil fuel industries have turned our state into a third world colony. When these companies are done taking our natural resources, they leave our precious water polluted, our mountains scarred and our communities impoverished. The vast majority of the profits go out of state to CEOs and absentee property owners. Pharmacutical companies have become drug dealers flooding our communities with opioids. Many of our elected officials are bought by these "special interests" to do their bidding. For the sake of our families and neighbors we must organize and stand together with Charlotte!

Alex Reneman Interview

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